Zone Map Of The GTA

Count zones horizontally then vertically to each connected rectangle.

Sameday price list delivery example:
Zone 131 (any pick up zone) to Zone 132 (1 extra zone) = $5.43 + $1.84 = $7.27
Our bike couriers work fast! See our special Downtown Core rates for your delivery.


Fuel Surcharge Guidelines

Due to increasing fluctuations in gas prices, m1SpeedTrek will be using the following Variable Table to determine fuel surcharge:

Below $1.00 10%
$1.00 - $1.25 15%
$1.26 - $1.35 20%
$1.36 - $1.50 25%

Call In Times

Sameday 12:00pm
Rush 2:00pm
Super Rush 3:30pm
Overnight 3:00pm

**if you are located outside the area bordered by Keele, Eglinton, DVP and Lake Ontario.

Overnight Times

Downtown Core Delivery by 12:00pm
Greater Toronto Delivery by End of Day

Delivery times are not guaranteed. Use only as a guideline. All delivery times are dependent on weather, traffic conditions and the distance of the delivery.

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