Other Charges & Fees

Here is a list of other service charges that may apply to a delivery.

Address Corrections

A charge of $15.00 is applied to overnight deliveries requiring address corrections.

After Hours Delivery

After hours and weekend deliveries are possible. Contact us for a quote.

Customs & Duties

m1SpeedTrek will initially pay any customs charges that may be incurred on international shipments. These charges are billed back to the customer requesting the international shipment plus a $20.00 administration charge. Please note that these charges may appear up to six months after the delivery.

Invoice Reissue

A fee of $1.50 per invoice is applied on reissuing an invoice.


A charge will be applied to deliveries involving difficult or time consuming circumstances (ie. no loading dock for a delivery of multiple boxes). This nominal charge is discussed in the event of any such circumstance.

Pick Up Not Available

Half the price of the delivery charge is billed.

Proof Of Signature

A fee of $3.75 is applied to each request for a copy of a proof of delivery.

Repeat Attempts

The applicable rate is charged for each additional delivery attempt to the same address.

Reverse Overnight Delivery

Reverse order pick-ups are subject to an additional charge.

$10.00 charge is added within the GTA
$20.00 charge is added outside the GTA

Van Charge

A charge of $30 applies to any shipment in excess of 5 boxes or 150lbs or large sized deliveries that require a van for transport.

Waiting Time

50¢ per minute after 5 minutes (inclusive).

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